2013 Year in Review: Photos from 22 Countries, 4 Continents

2013 Travel Map

22 countries, US$1,460 in airfare. It was a good year for travel. I’ve sacrificed a lot for this luxury of mobility, and I’m still far from my ideal lifestyle, but the long work hours and lonely nights have been cancelled out by the experiences gained, the memories made. In 2014 I hope to arc some red lines across the empty spaces, including a new continent and train trip with my parents (number one on their bucket list). If all goes to plan I’ll travel more, not less, but in a way more conducive to my entrepreneurial goals: staying in short-term rentals with wifi. Come what may, I’ll do my best to make 2014 blog-worthy.

In 2014 I’d also like this blog to be more interactive. I don’t check analytics because I have nothing to sell. Success equals comments. In this respect, I’ve failed (I’m amazed that nobody asks how to fly for free). If you have questions, ask away. I want to help you have experiences similar to those I write about here.

Travels in Asia

South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Macau

Itinerary: December 2012 Flights: 5 Countries in Asia for US$101
Photos: South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Macau


Portugal, Spain, and Morocco

Itinerary: December 2012 Flights: 5 Countries in Asia for US$101
Photos: Portugal, Spain, Morocco


Singapore, Indonesia, and Japan

Itinerary: April 2013 Flights: Singapore and Japan for US$67
Photos: Singapore, Indonesia, Japan

Travels in Europe

Canada, Switzerland, Albania, Montenegro, and Croatia

Itinerary: June 2013 Flights: 6 countries on 2 continents for US$155
Photos: Canada, Switzerland, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, Moments in Travel

Travels in Texas and Colorado

United States: Texas and Colorado

Itinerary: August 2013 Flights: Texas & Colorado for US$257
Photos: Texas and Colorado

Travels in Africa

Zambia, Tanzania, and Malawi

Itinerary: October 2013 Flights: 3 Countries in Africa for US$192
Photos: Zambia, Malawi, Safari in South Luangwa National Park


Mexico and The Island

Itinerary: December 2013 Flights: Mexico and The Caribbean for US$439
Photos: The Island

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