A Few Photos from Texas and Colorado

Scooter gange in Austin

FOREWORD: With busy 12-hour shifts I’m finding it difficult to maintain this blog, upkeep correspondence, and work on building a business. But I don’t want this blog to die either, as I do and will have many travel- and business-related topics to share with you. As a compromise, I’m trading my original once-a-week post promise for a write-when-inspired schedule. Here are photos from inspring times in Austin and Denver.

Outdoor Ping Pong

Orange yerba mate in front, intense ping pong in back.

Austin Scooter Gang

Our Austin scooter gang.

Surfing in San Marcos

Surfing in San Marcos, Terry on the towline.

Dinner Party

A patio dinner party during a rare Austin storm.

Surfing in San Marcos

Me, kneeboarding.

Top Golf in Austin

Mr. Winning—actual name—teeing up at Top Golf.

Aaron Surfing in San Marcos

Aaron, professional hitchhiker and cofounder of GuideHop, showing us how it’s done.

Remodeled school bus in Austin

Joshua, son Jaciah, and I outside their remodeled schoolbus home.

Holding Anna

Holding my niece Anna for the first time.

Not pictured: Dancing rock-a-billy with Ordoro cofounder Naruby, scubadiving river-style, satellite-gazing with parents, skinny-dipping in midnight springs, scooting to hilltop views of my favorite US city, Austin.

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