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My Story [Short Version]

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End of the road after bicycling 6,000 miles across South America, Buenos Aires, Argentina

My Story [Long Version]

Name: Trevor Wright

Age: 33

Current Home: Living out of hotels in Cape Town, SA from Sept to Nov 2016

First International Travel Experience: Family vacations to Mexico and Bahamas.

First International Solo Trip: A summer-long homestay in Barcelona at 17.

High School: Hardcore jock (football, basketball). Die-hard Boy Scout (Eagle). Arrested while stealing Halloween pumpkins (not very Scout-ish). Upon graduation cross-country roadtripped to live and work on sailboat in the Florida Keys.

College: Graduated from college…but wish I hadn’t. The five-digit debt wasn’t worth the piece of paper. Studied a semester in Costa, a semester in Mexico, then returned to Costa Rica to enroll in a public university. Did translation and shady under-the-table call center work to support myself during this time. Almost married girlfriend.

Post-College: Broke up with girlfriend, was interrogated by US gov’t, moved to Texas. Worked as study abroad advisor recruiting students on campuses nationwide for 5 months of every year. Spent summers in Costa Rica with same students. Pushing the envelope of cheapness, I saved $35K in 2.5 years to bike South America.

South America Bicycle Tour: 2.5 years from Colombia to Argentina, with a year-long infatuation with everything Brazilian. Indescribable freedom. Decided to do whatever necessary to live on own terms. Started learning about frequent flyer miles.

Post-South America: Moved to Nebraska, worked as medical interpreter. Almost invested other peoples’ money in an interpreting agency and semi-truck I didn’t know how to drive. Flew to Japan without telling boss. Barely covering living expenses and feeling trapped, moved to oil fields of North Dakota in search of drastic change.

North Dakota Oil Fields: Completed truck driving course in Wyoming, slept in car while handing out resumes in North Dakota. Drove water tankers to oil rigs for 6 months, then accepted hotel clerk position with 6-week on, 2-week off schedule. Redeemed miles to Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean during 2-week breaks.

Post-North Dakota Oil Fields: Dealt with mom’s stroke, traveled Transiberian railroad with dad. Solo overlanded from Beijing to Hong Kong. Saved girls from being raped by Chinese villagers while drunk on rice alcohol. Gave up drinking. Moved to Chiang Mai to start an online business.

Online Business #1: I help you earn millions of airline miles and hotel points

Online Business #2: I help couples book honeymoon packages for less than $500

Life since online business and stopping the blog? I don’t know where to begin, so I’ll just say life is good, life is interesting. Instagram is updated regularly: MileMethod

Thanks for reading, y’all. Get out there!

[Last updated: October 12th, 2016]

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