For a Limited-Time: How to Buy 1 International or 2 Domestic Flights for $89

The DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur room from which I'm writing now

The DoubleTree by Hilton Kuala Lumpur room from which I’m writing now

This week I booked 5 flights to 4 countries for a total of $81.

Three of the flights were to islands, one of which I’ve dreamed of visiting since childhood.

Right now I’m writing from my room in a downtown five-star hotel for which I paid nothing.

I just finished eating a free buffet breakfast in the 34th floor Executive Club.

Tomorrow I’ll meet my parents at the aiport after their $37,000 First Class flight.

The Park Hyatt Moscow where my dad and I stayed for free.

The Park Hyatt Moscow where my dad and I stayed for free

Most Americans don’t realize they too can travel this way.

Besides yesterday, right now is the best time to start accumulating the frequent flyer miles and hotel points that can be redeemed for almost free travel all over the world. Without miles, I couldn’t afford this lifestyle.

I’m not writing to plug my miles/points accumulation service, MileMethod — though I just did and will again.

This post is more time sensitive and data-driven than shamelessly marketing myself.

An $89 international flight offer will disappear forever
within the next 30 days, perhaps as early as April 12th.


Airline Merger and Bank Partnership Turbulence

US Airways and American Airlines are in the process of merging into a single airline.

This merger has both good and bad aspects for frequent flyers. The major negative for those of us who use credit card sign-up bonuses to accumulate miles/points is the disappearance of the US Airways credit card.

The US Airways card offers 50,000 soon-to-be American Airlines miles for a one-time payment of $89.

Here are a few flights I’ve booked with less than 50K American Airlines miles:

50K American Airlines miles are worth much more than $89!


How to Earn 1 International or 2 Domestic Flights for $89

It’s quite simple, actually.

  • Complete this application
  • Activate card when it arrives in the mail
  • Make one purchase
  • Pay off credit card bill
  • Cancel credit card after 10 months

Congrats, you just earned 50K American Airlines miles!

The US Airways miles will convert automatically to American Airlines miles and deposit to your account within 60 days of your 1st purchase. MileMethod clients have earned over 500,000 miles from this single card.

Between my parents and I we’ve earned the sign-up bonus 5 times. That’s 250,000 miles!

My mom's most recent US Airways credit card approval

My mom’s most recent US Airways credit card approval

That Was So Easy…Maybe You Should Do It More Often

Why pay thousands of dollars to fly and sleep when you can do so more lavishly for free?

With a few slight changes, the same steps for the 50K offer work for other cards as well:

  • Complete 3 to 6 applications every 95 days
  • Activate cards when they arrive in the mail
  • Spend minimum amount on each card to receive bonuses
  • Pay off credit card bills in full each month
  • Cancel credit cards after 10 months

That’s basically it.

You could research the best credit cards, decode credit bureaus, figure out each bank’s ever-changing rules, learn how to stagger apps to increase approvals, and create a system to organize it all.

Or you can hire me to do as much of the work as reasonably possible for you.

Exploring Bali by motorbike. Let's not lose track of why we want miles/points.

Exploring Bali by motorbike. Let’s not lose track of why we want miles/points.

Why MileMethod Compliments This 50K Offer Perfectly

You could apply for the US Airways card to receive an easy, almost-free international roundtrip to Europe or South America (40K American miles in Economy). Your partner could also apply in order to travel together.

This would be a smart move since this US Airways card is disappearing forever in April or earlier.

A smarter move, in my biased opinion, would be to use my MileMethod service to maximize not only your mile earning potential but ALSO hotel point accumulation.

Your entire next trip can be almost entirely free…and every trip afterwards too.

There is a reason why….

  • …it’s best to apply for multiple credit cards, multiple times a year (To hide inquiries)
  • …it’s important to stagger applications in a calculated way (To increase approval chances)
  • …I provide a 2-year application schedule and update it constantly (Offers change, inquiries fall off)
  • …I customize the schedule to your desired destinations (Earn the right kind of miles/points)

There is a reason why…I think you get the idea.

You don’t need to stress about the details to travel for free. That’s my job.

My MileMethod service tells you what to do, and when to do it.

If I had a mentor like me when I began learning about frequent flyer miles in 2011 then I would have saved a lot of time and money, earned more miles, traveled to more places, and stayed in more luxury hotels.

My parents in the Emirates First Class lounge

My parents in the Emirates First Class lounge

Limited-Time Offer to Start Traveling for Almost Free

There is earning miles, then there is redeeming miles.

If you become a MileMethod member before the US Airways credit card disappears sometime between now and April 17th, then I’ll help you book your first award flight with the miles you earn (Normally I charge $97 for this service).

Don’t miss this opportunity to fly for $89 and earn miles for future trips.
Fill out the MileMethod survey to get started now ~ it takes only 5 minutes.

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