Love, Freedom, and Aloneness: 12 Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned

Highway in PeruThe book Love, Freedom, and Aloneness resonated with me this week.

Chapter by chapter, page by page, I felt like the author was talking to me, writing about my attempt to reconcile the seemingly opposite worlds of love and freedom. The good news: I learned it can be done; that it should be done. According to a controversial Indian guru, I’m not that crazy after all.

While reading I also realized the same guidelines for redefining love can be applied to creating a business that redefines reality. More freedom, more money, more love. It really is possible. And quotable too.

In the below quotes I replaced the words ‘love’ with ‘entrepreneurship.’

You’ll be surprised how much the two have in common.


  Love   Entrepreneurship has to be the quality that gives freedom, not new chains for you; a   love   business that gives you wings and supports you to fly as high as possible.”

“To suffer in   love   entrepreneurship is creative; it takes you to higher levels of consciousness. To suffer without   love   entrepreneurship is utterly a waste; it leads you nowhere, it keeps you moving in the same vicious circle.”

  • In entrepreneurship, there are no limits. I like that I can’t imagine what my life will be like in 10 years. A job, on the other hand, is routine, structured, and largely predictable. The majority of people will never become time rich or money wealthy in traditional employment, despite dedicating their entire lives to it.

“We think that ego is our treasure…we have been continuously polishing it…  Love   Entrepreneurship gives you the first experience of being in tune with something that is not your ego.”

  • Customers don’t care about you; they care about solutions to their problems. The type of entrepreneurship that interests me is as selfless as it is borderless. My priority is to alleviate pain points, even those of complete strangers on the other side of the planet. The internet makes this possible.

You and   love   entrepreneurship cannot exist together. There is no coexistence possible…If you are ready to disappear, melt and merge…  love   entrepreneurship will blossom.”

  • Like Dan Andrews said, “This isn’t a side gig, this is the main event.” You must live and breathe entrepreneurship; you must become your business. If your business doesn’t provide that level of service to your customers, another business will.

“If you don’t go into   love   entrepreneurship…then your life is not a pilgrimage, then your life is not a river going to the ocean; your life is a stagnant pool.”

  • Life should be an adventure. You’re born, you die—but the in-between is limitless possibility. Why spend most of it in an office? Entrepreneurship can fund more freedom. You don’t need to travel like I do. Spend time with your family, exercise more, take a class, read a book, anything.

“How can you know   love   entrepreneurship? The only way is to become   a lover   an entrepreneur…if you are trying to stand outside the experience…then you may know about   love   entrepreneurship, but you will never know   love   entrepreneurship.”

  • Learning through reading works to a point, but you must do. Doing accelerates the entrepreneurial process. Not only are you creating and learning from mistakes but other successful entrepreneurs will recognize your seriousness and be more likely to help you.

“The more you become conscious, the more you realize how much more is possible ahead…  Love   Entrepreneurship is a by-product of a rising consciousness.”

  • Entrepreneurship is knowing anything is possible. I don’t have all the skills and know-how to pull off all my ideas, but I know I can learn them. An entrepreneur identifies obstacles, finds work-arounds or solutions to one, then moves onto the next, fully aware that each progression brings new challenges.

“You are being taught from the very beginning to be a perfectionist, and naturally you go on applying your perfectionist ideas to everything, even to  love  entrepreneurship.”

  • You’ll never achieve anything if you don’t start. Your first website might be a disaster, but you’ll learn. Your second will be better; your third might pay the rent. The fourth might replace your job.

“When   love   entrepreneurship comes for the first time and fills your being you are absolutely overwhelmed and mystified. You don’t know what is happening…Slowly, slowly it sinks into your being.”

  • Consistency trumps talent. Determination wins wars. I’ve earned pennies online so far, but every day I’m closer to providing value, to solving problems, and living a life that’s worth fighting for.

“A real, authentic   love   entrepreneur feels obliged to the person who has accepted his   love   business.”

  • A customer finds you in this big world and willingly pays for your service. Think about that. It’s highly improbable, given the infinite variables leading up to the transaction. Value the people who value your business. Do everything you can to satisfy customers.

“Forget relationships and learn how to relate. Once you are in a relationship you start taking each other for granted—that’s what destroys all   love   business affairs.”

  • See the world through your customers’ eyes. Empathize with them, their thoughts, their concerns. Address their needs. Never assume you know them. There is always something more to be learned.

  Love   Entrepreneurship is not going to solve anything.   Love   Entrepreneurship is only going to show you who you are…[make you] alert of the whole confusion and the chaos within you.”

  • A business—even the digital nomad wet dream of passive income—will not make you happy in itself. It will only free up time so you can pursue what is truly important in life, whatever that may be. It’s up to each one of us to make peace with the confusion and chaos that lies within.

Are these ‘love’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ comparisons a stretch? Call me out in the comment section below.

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